International Journal of Sports, Health and Physical Education

Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A (2022)

Importance of physiotherapy in postpartum pelvic floor health: A review


Harshika Gupta


Background and Introduction: Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) is a multifactorial condition that clinically manifests as the pelvic prolapsed, urinary and rectal incontinence, and sexual dysfunction. Postpartum pelvic pain is one such form and results from the damaging of pelvic muscles and tissues for the period of childbirth. Objective

  • The aim of this study is to cognize the role, spread awareness & the effectiveness for evidence based practices by this contest.


  • Data Source and Literature Source

Relevant articles were identified by searching from: PUBMED, cohrane literacy, Google scholar, SCOPUS, academia & Shodhganga.

  • Data selection

Articles on postpartum pelvic floor, systemic reviews with meta-analysis are included device assisted pelvic floor postpartum, pelvic floor strengthening. Results: More than twenty articles are on pelvic floor dysfunction; only twelve articles are matched with postpartum pelvic floor health. Conclusion

  • Postpartum physical therapy can be effective in treating pelvic pain symptoms. Therapy may include physical exercises that patients should practice during sessions and at home.
  • Now a day, also practices with help of Telerehabilitation.

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