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International Journal of Sports, Health and Physical Education

Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part A (2024)

Analyzing the worldwide expansion and appeal of cricket: Global patterns


Priyanshu Singh and Dr. Praveen Manwatkar


The doctoral research paper titled "Analyzing the Worldwide Expansion and Appeal of Cricket: Global Patterns" investigates the phenomenon of cricket’s global expansion and appeal, aiming to provide insights into the factors driving its popularity across diverse cultural contexts. The study employs a comprehensive methodology, including literature review, data collection, analysis, and stakeholder engagement.

Through a thorough literature review, existing research is synthesized to establish a foundation for understanding cricket’s global trajectory. Data collection from various sources, including international cricket governing bodies, national boards, surveys, and interviews, yields rich insights into cricket’s participation rates, viewership figures, revenue statistics, and cultural significance.

Quantitative analysis reveals trends indicating the growing popularity of cricket in certain regions, while qualitative approaches highlight the diverse socio-economic and cultural factors influencing its appeal. Comparative analysis with other sports elucidates unique factors contributing to cricket’s global appeal, underscoring its rich traditions, cultural significance, and global reach.

Case studies provide nuanced insights into cricket’s popularity in specific contexts, while cross-cultural analysis reveals the diverse ways in which cricket resonates across different cultural landscapes. Stakeholder perspectives offer valuable insights into the experiences and perceptions shaping cricket’s trajectory, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and strategic planning in sustaining its growth momentum.

The findings underscore cricket’s significant global expansion and highlight factors shaping its appeal, offering valuable insights for policymakers, administrators, and enthusiasts alike. This research contributes to a deeper understanding of cricket’s global appeal and lays the groundwork for future research and strategic initiatives aimed at furthering the sport’s reach and impact on a global scale.

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International Journal of Sports, Health and Physical Education
How to cite this article:
Priyanshu Singh and Dr. Praveen Manwatkar. Analyzing the worldwide expansion and appeal of cricket: Global patterns. Int. J. Sports Health Phys. Educ. 2024;6(1):53-55. DOI: 10.33545/26647559.2024.v6.i1a.105
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