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International Journal of Sports, Health and Physical Education

Vol. 6, Issue 1, Part A (2024)

Media and its role in shaping the perception of sports in Indian society


K Hemalatha and Dr. (Prof) Sandeep


The doctoral research paper titled "Media and its Role in Shaping the Perception of Sports in Indian Society" navigates the intricate relationship existing between media dynamics and the molding of societal viewpoints regarding sports in the Indian landscape. The research takes a thorough dive into the manifold ways by which various media platforms, encompassing television, print, and digital mediums, actively contribute to the formulation of public opinions, preferences, and attitudes toward sports. The paper, with a keen focus on content analysis, framing techniques, and discourse patterns employed by the media, endeavors to unearth the nuanced factors that exert influence over the perception of sports within the fabric of Indian society.

The research methodology employed is comprehensive, utilizing a multifaceted approach that includes a detailed content analysis of sports coverage across diverse media channels. This is complemented by surveys aimed at gauging public opinions, and interviews conducted with key stakeholders in the sports and media industries, providing invaluable qualitative insights. This triangulated methodology ensures a well-rounded understanding of the multifaceted impact of media on the perception of sports, adeptly considering both quantitative trends and qualitative perspectives.

Beyond surface-level examination, the paper delves into the proactive role of media in promoting specific sports, athletes, and events, thereby shaping their popularity and cultural significance within society. Concurrently, it critically evaluates how media narratives might contribute to the perpetuation of stereotypes, biases, or disparities in sports coverage, potentially influencing the inclusivity and diversity within the broader sporting panorama.

In scrutinizing the interplay between media and sports perception, this research yields insightful findings with substantial implications for stakeholders, policymakers, and media practitioners. The overarching goal is to cultivate a more informed, inclusive, and positively perceived sports culture within Indian society. These findings contribute not only to the broader discourse on media’s societal influence but also offer pragmatic implications for elevating the role of media in shaping a holistic and well-rounded sports narrative that resonates positively with the diverse dimensions of Indian society.

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International Journal of Sports, Health and Physical Education
How to cite this article:
K Hemalatha and Dr. (Prof) Sandeep. Media and its role in shaping the perception of sports in Indian society. Int. J. Sports Health Phys. Educ. 2024;6(1):56-58. DOI: 10.33545/26647559.2024.v6.i1a.106
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