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International Journal of Sports, Health and Physical Education

Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part B (2023)

The influence of sports on student's motoric coordination and concentration


Muhammad Jafar, Mansur Mansur and Maimun Nusufi


This study aimed to examine the effect of sports activity on motor coordination and focus in university students. A cohort of 120 students representing diverse study programs was divided into two groups: a sports group of students engaged in regular sports activities and a non-sports group of students who did not participate. Motor coordination tests were administered to evaluate the participants' proficiency in synchronizing hand and foot movements, and the results showed that the sports group exhibited significantly superior motor coordination compared to the non-sports group. Concentration tests evaluated the participant's ability to focus and solve problems. The findings of this study emphasize the relevance of including sports in students' routines to support the development of motor coordination abilities and improve cognitive functioning. Further research is recommended to delve into the underlying mechanisms through which sports participation influences motor coordination and concentration and identify optimal types and durations of sports activities for maximizing the benefits of motor coordination and engagement in students. In conclusion, this study demonstrates that sports participation positively influences motor coordination and concentration among university students. The findings support the importance of promoting sports involvement in educational settings to enhance students' motor skills, cognitive abilities, and overall well-being.

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How to cite this article:
Muhammad Jafar, Mansur Mansur and Maimun Nusufi. The influence of sports on student's motoric coordination and concentration. Int. J. Sports Health Phys. Educ. 2023;5(1):119-127. DOI: 10.33545/26647559.2023.v5.i1b.69
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